Dag's House provides a place for dog owners to access information, education and services to ensure overall well-being, increase fitness and improve the quality of life of their dogs. Working closely with veterinarians and other pet healthcare professionals, Dag's House requires a referral from your veterinarian. The services offered by Dag's House are designed to complement the care of your veterinarian and are not a substitute for appropriate veterinary care.


Dagnabit, a 6-year-old Pit Bull Terrier, had spinal surgery on October 3, 2006 after an injury to his T12, T13 and L1 vertebrae. Over a month after his surgery, Dag was sent home, 25 pounds lighter, with no muscle mass and unable to walk or control his bodily functions. His spirit was broken and the sparkle was gone from his eyes.

Dag became a resident at a local boarding facility, where they graciously dealt with his physical challenges. A rehabilitation counselor by trade, I was accustomed to coordinating teams of people to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a disabled individual. I just applied the principles of my trade to Dag. And prayed.

Working with a canine massage practitioner, a veterinarian acupuncturist and a veterinarian specializing in chiropractic and homeopathic medicine, Dag relearned how to walk, how to place his legs when he sat, how to climb stairs, how to eat and basically how to live again.

Developed by Doggone Wheels, Dag's main form of transportation is his wheelchair. It allows him to walk, run, swim and play like a normal dog. He proudly walks in his chair and even competed in the Dog Day Afternoon walk/run – where he placed third.

On April 7, 2007 Dag came home to live at my house full-time. He continues to show improvement and his self-confidence is tremendous – it is great to see the sparkle back in his eyes. Dag is truly the poster child for special needs dogs.

Witnessing Dag's determination despite his condition inspired me to establish Dag's House – a housing and fitness center for special needs dogs. Our goal is to provide fitness options and the opportunity to give them a better chance to triumph over disability. You now have options when it comes to a special needs dog or a life-changing event like Dag and I experienced.